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9th April 2022 – 10th July 2022

Vanessa Cutler: Journeys and Horizons

‘Each work requires a journey, whether at the beginning or through to the end process of making. Developed in a year of turbulence, the work explores new horizons, and new approaches in techniques’.

For the past 20 years exploring industrial technology in her glass making, Vanessa Cutler’s odd of new work employs both digital technology and traditional casting processes. She sources her inspiration from her local environment, the sky, the sea and the horizon.

23rd July 2022 – 30th October 2022

Contemporary Glass Society at 25: Past, Present, the Future

The last 25 years have seen dramatic changes and advances – political, technological, environmental, and social. This exhibition tells the story of both CGS and the world which it reflects with glass artwork selected from the past 25 years by 25 of the United Kingdom’s greatest glass artists. The cornucopia of glass delights reflects the dynamism and sheer talent of contemporary glass in this country.

12th November 2022 – 26th March 2023

Georgia Redpath: Nature | Architecture

‘Pattern and geometry lie at the heart of everything on our planet – both living and manmade’. New works by Georgia Redpath explore the possibilities of this common language of pattern. Rather than attempting to recreate the world around us, she uses a limited palette of geometric building blocks to craft her own sculptural world. The resulting forms are natural, architectural and a joyful union of the two.

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